Snippet of Emoria – Dream Sequence

This was not what he wanted. Antonia’s face glowed with a beaming smile, but Demetrius could not share in her joy. “You must rid yourself of it. It is an abomination.” He growled as he spoke, panted as though he had run for miles.

He had been here before, this memory replayed as a nightmare every night. Each time he tried to change the outcome, it became realer than before.

“I will do no such thing, Demetrius. This is our child, not some spawn of The Under.”

“It is a child of spite, a punishment for my lapse in judgment. My brother will have us both killed. He is emperor, Antonia. You are not the wife of a fisherman.”

“I am the wife of a fool!”

Antonia’s form changed. She grew tall and thin, her face black and eyes white. Desh, goddess of The Under stood in her place and donned a wicked grin. “Run, Demetrius. Run and never return.” Desh hissed and lunged at him. She had become the snake, a form she only took when preparing to welcome a new soul.

Copyright © 2015 by Sophie Giroir


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