This was just a random bit of writing I did to get my creative juices flowing. I felt like doing something fast-paced.


Panting. That’s the only sound I hear. My breaths come rapid and irregular. Between each one I swallow, my throat dry from the dust-coated air. I should feel something, pain, anger, fear. I should know my heart is beating against my chest in some wild attempt to break free. Instead, I only know that I must keep running. If I stop –

An ear-shattering bang interrupts my thoughts.

I duck and stumble forward, my feet slipping beneath me. Debris slides under my shifting weight. Busted drywall, shattered glass, and twisted metal lay strewn across the broken concrete floor. That floor approaches me at nose-breaking speeds. I throw my hands forward to prevent it.

I hear the crack of bones as I land, glass digging into my palms. I can’t stop to examine them now. I have to keep running.

My eyes squeezed shut, teeth gritting, I force myself back onto my feet. I open my eyes again and dart into the corridor to my right.

Another bang and glass sprays around me.

I fling my arms upward over my head. Some vain hope lingers that they will protect me. Legs burning, hands aching, and I can’t seem to find the exit. This building twists and turns with no obvious reasoning. It’s a labyrinth stretched out for miles around me. I turn again – this time left.

The light is brighter. Sunlight breaks through from somewhere. I have to be closer. There has to be some way out of here. If I make it out, he can’t follow. He doesn’t have jurisdiction out there.

Copyright © 2015 by Sophie Giroir


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