Flash Fiction Challenge from Chuck Wendig

Alright! So, this week’s challenge was to create a character in 250 words. I didn’t want to do the whole boring analytical thing, so I put him in a world and dressed him up. Each detail can paint a bigger picture of who Bryan is. You can guess from his clothing, his actions, and his world what he has been through.


Bryan wears his favorite pair of tennis shoes. Nothing special. Just an old pair he bought at some super store so long ago he can’t remember when. They hug his feet perfectly, worn and willing to give in to every bend. His pants are something different. Thanks to the dead mule a few miles back, he landed into an overflowing sewer line from a city that doesn’t even exist anymore. Decades old shit ruined his best jeans and autographed Star Trek t-shirt. Now he reaches inside the leg of scratchy jogging pants to ease his discomfort. A dingy shirt almost swallows his thin frame. “Down with Cancer,” it reads, and on the front is a bright pink dove haphazardly drawn and encased in a diamond. He’s pretty sure he got it back when his friend’s uncle was diagnosed. He’d only wanted to donate to the cause, but they insisted he keep the unwanted apparel. Now it’s the only shirt he has left. Ain’t life strange.

The sun directly ahead, red and orange painting the sky and clouds. Bryan walks toward it, hoping the West will have more to offer than the East. North Carolina was a bust. Nothing there but dilapidated buildings he can only guess were destroyed in a hurricane no one could have predicted. There’s no one left to predict them, or so it seems. He hasn’t seen another human being in…how long as it been?

Bryan stops, pulls off the black shades, and sinks to his knees.

Copyright © 2015 by Sophie Giroir


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge from Chuck Wendig

    1. Indeed! Was driving when you commented. I put a lot of thought into the clothing he owns as well as the fact that he keeps going…well up until the end. I love character building. I think this has been my favorite challenge. Lol

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